Monday, May 2, 2011

The Big News: Osama bin Laden Dead

April showers bring May flowers.This year, May also brings the death of Osama bin Laden. Yep! The leader of Al Qaida and the man primarily responsible for September 11th attacks has been brought to justice. And no, unlike most people thought, he wasn't hiding in some cave in the middle of nowhere. In fact, he was hiding in a mansion 50 miles north of the Pakistani capital. That's brilliant ! No one would have thought to look in a mansion. It was specifically built in order to hide the bastard.
Obama made it official last night during a speech to the nation. They took DNA from the body and it matched his sister's. Obama had received intelligence about bin Laden's location a week prior, and gave the orders to proceed with an operation to kill him Sunday morning when he was in Alabama surveying the situation with those terrible storms. The operation that was carried out by a small group of navy SEALs actually meant for them to kill bin Laden. It is unfortunate that he did not die a slow painful death, and was instead shot in the head. Now I'm no patriot or anything, but that fucker needed to die. . Bin Laden and those with him were killed during a firefight, in which U.S. forces did not experience any injuries or casualties. 4 people were killed along with bin Laden, 3 men and 1 woman. The woman who died was used as a human shield, which is just evil :(
Bin Laden's death will help boost American morale during this war on terror, but it really doesn't do much to help the war on terror, except for achieving the necessary retribution. Many members of Al Qaida will be enraged that their leader has died, but it's not like they're gonna do anything drastic because they probably would've done something by now. Nonetheless, Americans are satisfied for the time being and it will help temporarily increase Obama's approval ratings.
What happens now? When will the war ever end? I'm all for the troops pulling out! What are your opinions?

I leave you with this picture.
Of course Fox News makes this mistake.


  1. I think thu put Obama on purpose

  2. Haha. I've actually misspelled it once.

  3. lol spell check says obama is osama!