Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trouble in Terrorist Town

Trouble in Terrorist Town is my favorite Garry's Mod community made game.  Do you own Garry's Mod and Counter Strike: Source and want to try out something really fun? I really suggest you try Trouble in Terrorist Town, after reading this guide beforehand of course :P Join any server that starts with ttt_..... (the servers that run TTT). When you join your first TTT server, there will be a lot to download. Be patient! It will all be worth it. In Trouble in Terrorist Town (abbreviated to TTT), you are a terrorist. When the round begins, there will be an icon on the bottom left corner that tells you whether you are an innocent terrorist or a traitor. Only a small number of people every round are picked as traitors.  A few innocents are chosen to be detectives depending on how many people are in the server. The majority of players are innocents. TTT is a shooter, so you use guns and several melee weapons to kill people.
A few things to keep in mind:
  • When someone dies, they will be missing in action. Once their dead body is identified, they will be confirmed dead. Press and hold the tab menu to see who is confirmed dead and who is still alive.
  • Innocents cannot tell if someone is missing in action. They will still be in the still alive section. Only traitors and dead spectators see who is still alive.
  • If you die, you will spectate the match until the next round starts.

A traitor's job is simple: Kill anyone who is not a traitor. a "T" icon above a player's head means that they are a fellow traitor (only traitors can see this icon, obviously). My pressing C while playing the game, traitors are able to buy weapons that innocents and detectives cannot buy. The weapons available to you depend on the server. As a traitor, do not act overly suspicious, and be sneaky with your kills. You are outnumbered, there is no reason for you to start shooting at someone in a large crowd full of innocents. Use the element of surprise. TTT also has a time limit somewhere around 10 minutes (depending on the server) and if you run out of time the innocents win.

As an innocent or detective, your main job is to survive.Your secondary job, which is also important, is to kill people you know are traitors. You cannot kill people with little suspicion, however. This will lower your Karma (covered later). If you kill people with little suspicion, even if they do turn out to be traitors, admins on the server will either slay you next round, kick you, temporarily ban you, or permanently ban you. As innocents, always keep your fellow innocents updated on who acts suspicious and what not, and try not to wander off by yourself too much. Having a mic really helps because I don't have one right now and I get killed so many times while I'm typing. If people act suspicious, keep them on your list of suspicious characters. Examining bodies is really important. Examining bodies lets you know certain information on the person who was killed, such as if they were innocent, traitor or detective, the weapon they were killed with, if they had any last words, if the traitor left a DNA sample on the victim (covered later) and  who, if anyone, the victim killed beforehand By gathering evidence from several bodies, you can compile enough evidence to kill a traitor. Oh yeah, and of course, if you see someone outright kill an innocent they have to be traitors. Detectives are also innocent, but they have a few special abilities. They spawn with a DNA scanner. This DNA scanner is used to collect a DNA sample from a dead body that has a DNA sample on it and it will act as a radar that points towards the guy who killed that person. Detectives are also able to buy equipment, but the equipment is different than the traitor gear. Additionally, everyone: traitors and innocents alike, can see who the detectives are because it will say DETECTIVE in blue under the person's name.This way, detective can act as suspicious as they want since everyone knows they are detectives.
 Karma is really important as well. You begin with around 1000 Karma, which you can see if you hold tab. If you kill or damage  your own teammates, you lose Karma. When you lose Karma, you get a penalty to your damage, starting next round. If your karma is less than what is supposed to be, make sure not to commit any friendly fire and your karma should go up. Karma cannot go higher than around 1000, in which you do normal damage. Many servers ban people with really low karma, because it's obvious that those people are just killing people randomly, aka TROLLAN'.

Here are the keys that you need to know:
  • Q drops the weapon you have currently have equipped
  • For most weapons, you can aim down your sights with right click 
  • C opens up the buying equipment menu (traitors and detectives only 
  • Hold tab to look at the scoreboard
  • Hold left shift to voicechat with other traitors
  • Scroll with middle mouse button to switch weapons
A few other noteworthy things:
  • You spawn with a magneto stick. It is used to move objects. Right click to pick up, left click to drop.
  • Traitors, don't identify your victim''s body. That's stupid. Furthermore, hide the body.
  • If you are frustrated at first, don't fret. With a bit experience the game will become really enjoyable.
  • "RDM", or randomly deathmatching, is what people on the server call killing people without sufficient evidence.
  • "KOS" means kill on sight. If someone says "KOS so and so", kill the person that was called out if you are innocent. If you are the one being called out, you might as well kill innocents on sight since they will try to kill you as soon as they spot you.
  • It is not against the rules to lie. Innocents and traitors alike lie all the time, sometimes to cover something up, or sometimes just because they're douchebags.
  • Oh did i mention? You will, sadly, find a lot of douchebags on TTT. Some try to be funny, some just want attention. I suggest ignoring them.
  • HAVE FUN!!! It's an awesome game that you will surely play for a long time!
Here are just a few funny screenshots me or my friends took while playing TTT, just click the pic to enlarge it:

I play on conjoint gaming's TTT server because it has fun custom items and interfaces. Here's the IP:
I hope this guide was easy enough and interesting enough to read, have fun and see you in game!


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